Our history

Our company "Giacomo Galfrè" tells you about birth of a great passion for preserving foodstuff and a strong effort, cultivated over these years.

Everything started from a deep experience and becomes a modern industrial enterprise.

It tells you about a long tradition that has been always able to keep itself update in enforcing the most advanced technologies of safeguard of natural products. It is the story of a culture that enrich itself and evolves since more than 50 years. 

Let's discover it togheter...


Anticipating and satisfying customers' demand and increase market value, by offering high quality genuine products and a service in line with the best Italian gastronomic tradition. 


The real values of the company are their exclusive recipes, handed on from generations.
We have worked a lot on research and development of the items, on the knowledge of raw materials, through an accurate selection of suppliers, optimization of each step of production, made by using machineries respectful to tradition.

Research and development

Success of new products and improvement of our well known ones are the targets of our R&D department. 

Our team

We believe that success of a company is the result of the efforts of everybody and only a good working in team can face markets evolution and customers' demand.
At Galfrè we all work with positive spirit and always searching innovative solutions.

             The founder



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